Illinois Workers' Compensation Defense

A Blueprint for Success

In today's legal environment, matching your needs with the correct firm is crucial to the successful outcome of your legal concerns. With workers' compensation — as with so many other areas of employment law — the pace of changes can be "breakneck," the details overwhelming. As an informed consumer of legal services, you need to be sure that the firm you select is in fact qualified to handle the matter at hand.

For workers' compensation defense in the state of Illinois, consider the law firm of Knell Law L.L.C.

  • We are focused. Our practice is almost exclusively dedicated to workers' compensation defense. We know the laws. We understand the medical issues. We appear regularly at administrative hearings and in courtrooms throughout Illinois on behalf of our clients.
  • We plan ahead. Within 10 days, our attorneys will provide you with a detailed legal blueprint of the situation as it stands now. This blueprint includes our honest and knowledgeable assessment of your likely trial exposure and the settlement value of the claim, along with our assessment as to whether the claim ought to be settled or defended strongly and an action plan outlining options and suggested steps moving forward.
  • We answer your questions. Whether or not you refer a specific workers' compensation file to our law firm, our lawyers are available to answer your questions on any individual issues such as suspension or termination of benefits and independent medical examinations.
  • We try cases. A lot of them. More importantly, our opponents know that when we take a case to trial, it isn't just a strategic move designed to promote settlement. They know we take cases to trial because we think we'll win — and that, often, we do just that.
  • We take care of you. Hard work and a commitment to client service have made our firm a success. Refusing to take this for granted, we treat our clients with respect. We honor their needs and objectives. We provide services in a timely, cost-effective manner. We communicate and conduct ourselves with honesty and fairness at all times.

Contact Information

To discuss your rights as a self-insured employer, a third-party administrator or a workers' compensation insurance carrier — call our lawyers in Peoria, Illinois, at either of these two numbers: 309-740-9115 (local) or 866-958-5843 (toll free).

Feel free to contact us by e-mail as well.