Knell Law Firm is
Recognized As One Of Illinois’ Leading Firms Practicing Exclusively in Workers’ Compensation

An Illinois Law Firm Dedicated to Workers’ Compensation Defense

Knell Law L.L.C., is a Peoria-based law firm dedicated almost exclusively to the defense of workers’ compensation claims.

Within this practice, defense attorneys at our firm represent workers’ compensation insurance carriers, third-party administrators, self-insureds and employers ranging in size from “mom and pop” employers and small municipalities to some of the largest corporations operating in the state of Illinois.

In terms of service, our firm handles a full range of the issues associated with workers’ compensation defense and provides aggressive, high-quality representation in matters pending before arbitrators, commissioners and appellate courts throughout the state.

An Illinois Law Firm Dedicated to Workers’ Compensation Defense

First, our lawyers share our clients’ goals. In every workers’ compensation defense case, we strive to either win the case outright or obtain the best possible resolution of the matter in an expedient fashion. Employees should receive the workers’ compensation insurance benefits they are entitled to by law and nothing more.

To that end, we adhere to a self-imposed deadline to provide you a thorough, written evaluation of the defense of your workers’ compensation case within 10 days of taking it on. This document will provide you with a detailed legal blueprint of the issues involved, an outline of your options and specific steps we would suggest for moving forward — steps that will be based on an honest assessment as to whether the case should be defended strongly or that settlement is a better course of action. This assessment is based on full review of all the tools at our disposal for defending cases, including medical reports, witness statements, investigative reports from employee surveillance, and other material.

Read more about our approach to assessment of trial exposure and settlement value.

Second, we try cases. In fact, we try dozens of them every year. Furthermore, we do not string cases along to trial merely as a tactic, with the intention of settling them at the last minute. When we take cases to trial it is because we believe we will prevail, based on our knowledge of the laws and our understanding of the medical issues.

Third, we are all about service. From the beginning to the conclusion of every claim or question, we show respect for our clients’ needs, goals and resources by working to deliver results as efficiently as possible, by communicating proactively throughout the relationship and by providing legal services that show quality and attention to detail in every respect.

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