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Compensability and Benefit Assessments Under Illinois Law

Knell Law L.L.C., is a Peoria-based workers’ compensation defense law firm that provides quality legal services and representation on behalf of insurers, third-party administrators and employers of all types state-wide. For a reasonable fee, our firm can provide you with compensability and benefit assessments for virtually any type of workers’ comp claim.

Compensability Evaluations

The threshold test of whether or not a comp claim is compensable focuses on the question: “Did the injury arise out of or in the course of employment?” That being said, simply passing this test does not mean that the particular injury is automatically compensable. In fact, several other issues are important to look at from the defense perspective.

For instance, the location of the accident is a very important consideration. Did it occur in a parking lot? In a parking garage? On the street? Medical causation issues require close scrutiny as well, particularly with injuries such as heart attacks, repetitive trauma injuries or occupational illnesses. There are also important questions to ask regarding personal risks taken by the employee and risks that are common to the public at large.

In every case, our attorneys ask the right questions and seek to provide our clients with the thorough, timely and cost-effective compensability evaluations they need.

Benefit Assessments

If an injury is compensable under the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act, our lawyers will also provide you with a detailed benefits assessment. Although each case is unique in some respects, our assessments include calculations for any benefits that might be appropriate or possible in the case at hand — including calculations of a worker’s average weekly wage, lost-time benefits, temporary partial disability benefits, wage differentials, odd-lot permanent disability totals and vocational rehabilitation costs.

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