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Exercising Your Right to Request an Independent Medical Examination

Section 12 of the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act gives employers a right to request that injured employees submit themselves to an independent medical examination (IME) by a qualified physician or surgeon of their choice. Employees are free to have their own doctor present (at their own expense), but are not free to refuse to attend. Should they refuse, benefits can be suspended.

If you are an Illinois employer and have questions regarding your right to request an independent medical examination or about any restrictions on this right — such as to where an exam might take place — Knell Law L.L.C., a Peoria-based workers’ compensation defense law firm, can help.

Attorneys at our firm represent employers and routinely request and schedule these examinations at locations statewide. The more important parts of this service, however, include ensuring that the doctor’s particular discipline is appropriate to the alleged injury and that IMEs are conducted in accordance with the notice, geographical, and other requirements outlined in the statute.

In sum, our lawyers can answer any questions you have with regard to independent medical examinations and provide the experienced representation you need to maintain compliance with the requirements of the Act.

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