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Termination of Workers’ Compensation Benefits

Under what circumstances is termination of an employee’s workers’ compensation benefits appropriate under Illinois law?

Are you a workers’ compensation insurance company, a third-party administrator or an employer who is considering termination of workers’ compensation benefits? It is best to know the answer to this question before you move forward with termination of benefits for an employee who is receiving workers’ compensation. And because any termination of benefits will almost certainly be appealed by the employee, you will also need to have experienced lawyers ready to defend your position with all due force.

Knell Law L.L.C., is a Peoria-based law firm almost exclusively dedicated to workers’ compensation defense. Our practice is statewide and we represent clients of all sizes — from small, self-insured employers to some of the largest corporations doing business in Illinois.

We regularly answer questions and handle workers’ compensation defense cases involving termination of workers’ compensation benefits. Sometimes, termination of benefits cases involve relatively cut-and-dried situations such as when the employee refuses to attend an independent medical examination. Termination of benefits cases can also be extremely complex, involving issues such as:

  • Light-duty work
  • Work restrictions
  • Terminations for cause
  • Economic layoffs
  • Failure to cooperate
  • Maximum medical improvement (MMI) determinations
  • Return to work dates
  • Workers’ compensation fraud

In all workers’ compensation defense cases, we strive to represent each client the way we would want to be represented: with integrity; with respect for the client’s needs, goals and resources; and as aggressively as possible.

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