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Tools We Use to Defend Workers’ Compensation Claims

There are advantages to working with a law firm that focuses almost exclusively on workers’ compensation defense. There are similar advantages to working with attorneys who have decades of relevant legal experience.

Knell Law L.L.C., an Illinois Workers’ Compensation Defense Firm

These qualities are among the benefits that clients of Knell Law L.L.C. receive. From our Peoria office, our attorneys defend self-insured employers, insurers and third-party administrators against workers’ compensation claims arising throughout the state of Illinois.

The majority of our lawyers have more than two decades of legal practice that they bring to bear when defending against each new workers’ compensation claim. Our experience gives us insight into the subtleties of workers’ comp law as well as the ability to provide practical and strategic advice to clients seeking to minimize financial exposure as a result of workers’ compensation claims.

Thus, we are able to provide both effective and cost-efficient representation to Illinois employers.

What Tools Do We Use to Defend Against Workers’ Compensation Claims?

We examine every new claim to determine whether it is in fact compensable under Illinois’ Workers’ Compensation Act. We investigate questions such as whether the accident occurred during the course of work-related activities and whether the medical condition is actually related to a prior condition as opposed to a workplace accident.

To conduct this investigation, we use every tool and document at our disposal, including:

  • Independent medical examination of the claimant, via subpoena
  • Review of current and past medical records
  • Surveillance of the claimant
  • Investigation into prior claims
  • Employer accident reports, including Form 45
  • Witness statements
  • Wage statements

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